Reaching Thousands

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Reaching Thousands

Reaching Thousands is the missions arm of NewLife, it is a huge part of NewLife’s vision and the culture of the organisation. We believe that our impact should go far beyond the walls of our building and aim to reach thousands of people locally and internationally every year.

Reaching Thousands is a people movement and depends on the generosity of everyday people like yourself to catch the spirit of simply doing something for someone. Money is raised by varies means listed below and is given out either directly to local missions projects or given to the NewLife Foundation

Our Reaching Thousands strategy …

Annually we hold a Reaching Thousands Conference where we all come together round a common purpose of reaching lost people locally and in the nations

Each year at the conference we launch a yearly Faith Promise to our members. This is of a certain amount that they are believing in faith to come into their hands sometime in the next twelve months, that they can give back to reach thousands.

Every month we hold a Reaching Thousands Sunday at both of our locations where we showcase our different missions projects and give an update on any changes to our projects. On this day we give an opportunity for people to hand in their faith promise and also hand in a meal that they may have for the meal bank or dry food items for the giving pantry.

In the NewLife Mackay building is a fully operating and functioning business called Kidz Life. This is a Play centre where parents can bring their children and enjoy a beverage or snack from the cafe as their children can play in the big exciting playground. However the amazing thing about Kidz Life is that 100% of its profit is given to the NewLife Foundation to help those in need around the world.

Reaching Thousands Conference

Check out our last conference Highlights video here:

Reaching Thousands Conference 2016 from Newlife Church on Vimeo.

The reaching thousands conference is NewLife’s Annual missions conference. This years conference was 20th-22nd May.

God has given, and continues to give us great opportunities to bless others and by Empowering us and Calling us to Influence peoples lives positively – locally, nationally and overseas.