Who we are:

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a charity dedicated to seeing

people released from debt by offering debt management services
and financial education. CAP has been operating in Australia since
2000 and now has centres Australia wide.

 CAP also operates in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and
Canada. Since starting in Australia thousands of people from all walks of life
have commenced the journey to become debt free. Currently almost
1000 clients are working with CAP towards that very goal, to finally
be free from the debt that is weighing them down.
Soon you will have an appointment with a CAP Debt Coach who is a
member of a local church. They have been trained by CAP to work
with you to develop a solution that will help you become debt free.
CAP Debt Coaches are supported by specialist debt advisors who are
skilled in creating a workable debt management plan appropriate
to your situation.
The service offered to you is absolutely free of charge and the reason
CAP can do this is because of the generous support of thousands
of Australians who contribute to this work by making regular
As CAP works with you, our hope is that you see a positive future
with incredible breakthroughs in your personal situation.
Thank you for taking this first step on the journey.